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Widely used in the medical industry, mechanical industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, semiconductor industry, automation industry, etc.
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Transmission Equipment Industry

KONLIDA can provide customers with a full range of standard and non-standard transmission parts, including spur/helical gears, worm gears, bevel gears, timing pulleys, timing belts, racks, sprockets/chains, pulleys, couplings, and other series of products.●Various complex transmission products can b

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Machinery Industry

KONLIDA has 17 years of experience in precision machining and production, and can meet the requirements of different customers' products.Our commonly used production processes include: CNC milling machine processing, CNC lathe processing, CNC grinding, CNC boring, CNC planing, CNC slotting, CNC dril

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Medical Equipment Industry

KONLIDA is deeply engaged in the field of medical equipment parts processing, focusing on CNC turning and milling processing. It provides a complete set of parts processing solutions with high accuracy and quality, helping China's manufacturing industry upgrade, and has export qualifications. It is

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Automotive Industry

KONLIDA has rich experience in automotive parts processing, and has long provided automotive parts processing and small batch customization services for major brand automotive companies. We understand more about cherishing customer development achievements, also understand the good intentions of des

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Electronics And Semiconductor Industry

KONLIDA can satisfy the semiconductor industry by processing and producing a range of key mechanical components to meet precise specifications and reliability, reaching the highest standards of quality. ● Provide solutions for your semiconductor related products. ● Produce precise components from th

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