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Machining business scope:CNC maching /CNC milling/CNC Turning/Sheet metal machining/Laser Cutting/Injection moulding /3D printing. Establish cooperative relationships with 10000+domestic and foreign enterprises.
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Injection Moulding

injection moulding

Injection Moulding Services

Injection Moulding, Insert Moulding, Overmoulding

Single and double chamber and various life molds

Plastics and resins are very suitable for mass injection molded parts production.

Injection molded parts have the advantages of high cost-effectiveness, high production efficiency, short production cycle, and high dimensional accuracy.

Our Injection Molding Capabilities

We have advanced injection molding equipment and production research and development technology, ensuring production quality and efficiency while providing customers with competitive prices. We provide one-on-one pre-sales and after-sales services, and can customize processing to provide a complete set of design solutions.

injection moulding processes

Injection Molding Processes

According to customer drawings, processing accuracy, and working environment requirements, conduct mold making, quality inspection, and issue QA test reports.



It can meet the needs of ergonomic design, dual color, brand identification, etc. It plays a role in noise reduction, shock absorption, waterproofing, collision prevention, etc.

insert molding

Insert Molding

Thermoplastic materials are molded around pre formed components, with inserts typically metal parts, to enhance the mechanical properties of plastic parts.

Injection Moulding Materials

Rigid Plastics

ABS,Acrylic , Industrial PEEK,Nylon 6 / PA 6,Nylon 66 / Nylon 6/6,

PBT,PC (Polycarbonate),PC-ABS Polycarbonate,PC-PB,PET,Polyethylene (PE),Polypropylene (PP),Polystyrene (PS).

Elastomers & Synthetic Rubbers

  • PVC

  • TPE (Elastomer)

  • TPV (rubber)

SPI Surface finishes

We offer any type of SPI surface finish, such as A-1, D-2 or D-3.

VDI surface finishes

We offer any type of VDI surface finish, such as VDI 12, VDI 30 or VDI 45.

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