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We can provide a full range of standard/special gears, racks, synchronous pulleys, chain wheels, worms, conveyor belts, couplings and other transmission equipment parts, and can support non-standard customization.
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Worm Gear

gear manufacture

We can manufacture and customize standard gears/special gears based on drawings or samples.

Precision turbo worm, consisting of a worm and a turbine, which drives the turbine. Mechanical devices are typically used to transmit motion and power between intersecting shafts.

Product Item

Worm gear and pinion hobbing machining parts gear parts


Stainless Steel/Brass/Copper/Plastic/steel

Our service

Stainless Steel/Brass/Copper/Plastic/steel


In machines or equipment such as machine tools, automobiles, instruments, metallurgical machinery, reducers, etc.

Worm Gear

Large transmission ratio, compact structure, stable transmission, and no noise. Due to the fact that the worm gear teeth are continuous helical teeth, they are continuous when meshing with the worm gear teeth.

The worm teeth do not enter or exit the meshing process, so the work is stable and the impact, vibration, and noise are relatively small.

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