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We can provide a full range of standard/special gears, racks, synchronous pulleys, chain wheels, worms, conveyor belts, couplings and other transmission equipment parts, and can support non-standard customization.
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Spur Gear

metal Spur Gear

Processing of transmission equipment parts

Straight gear transmission relies on the meshing of the driving gear and the driven gear to transmit motion and power. This is a gear driven between two parallel shafts.

Data sheet


Processing requirements (scope) of our factory

Spur gear



Our company mainly focuses on m1-8 mold gears and the production of synchronous pulleys

Number of teeth

No limit

No limit

Pressure angle


Typically 20 °



Plastic/ Nylon /Stainless Steel/Aluminum /Rubber Bakelite

Heat treatment

Tempering,high-frequency, nitriding

(Incoming materials) Handle according to requirements

  Spur Gear Parts

   Characteristics of The Gear

    ● Good performance

    ● Run the balance

    ● Smooth transmission

    ● Safe and reliable

    ● Strong and sturdy

    ● Good wear resistance

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