Gear Transmission Equipment Parts

We can provide a full range of standard/special gears, racks, synchronous pulleys, chain wheels, worms, conveyor belts, couplings and other transmission equipment parts, and can support non-standard customization.
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Gear Racks

cylindrical gear

A rack is a cylindrical gear with an infinite radius, while a pinion is a type of spur gear. They are used to convert rotational motion into linear motion, or vice versa.

Our company processes and customizes various metal/non-metallic gears and racks.

our comany can process and customize:Standard and non-standard gear rack, the materials are steel, stainless steel, pleastic etc.

round rack

Round rack

Plastic rack

Plastic rack

Metal rack

Metal rack

Our advantages

Exquisite workmanship:

The overall use of high-quality raw materials and strict processing and production processes.

Stable performance:

High operating efficiency, durability, and long service life.

Stable structure:

High concentricity, precise tooth pitch, compact and suitable installation.

Non standard customization:

Supports processing of various materials, with complete specifications, and can be customized according to sample drawings and drawings.

Rack and pinion application industry

  • Suitable for fast and accurate positioning structures.

  • The product is widely used in the field of industrial automation, such as truss robots for automatic loading and unloading, palletizing robots, material handling devices, etc.

  • Suitable for heavy-duty, high-precision, high rigidity, high speed, and long travel. The application industries include CNC machine tools, milling machines, drilling machines, lathes, machining centers, cutting machines, woodworking machines, welding machines, stone machines, etc.

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