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Sample Needle Medical Precision Parts Case

Sample Needle Medical Precision Parts Case

As an enterprise focusing on medical precision equipment, our company began cooperating with Konlida in 2009. They provide one-stop service from trial sample verification to batch product supply, including R&D design suggestions and processing plan formulation, as well as model change testing. Among them, the cooperative in vitro diagnostic equipment reaction cup storage turntable with uniformly distributed porous angles and high precision requirements to ensure its stability, is now supplied in batches to many customers.

Currently, reagent needles and sample needles are monopolized by various foreign enterprises. It severely restricts the development of high-precision equipment in China. In particular, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in 2020, which caused the problem of domestic equipment capacity due to insufficient foreign supply.

Our company and KONLIDA have been discussing this issue since 2018. KONLIDA began to develop this product. After nearly 2 years of hard research and development, it broke through the process bottleneck in 2021. The core indicators of the sample reached the quality level of similar foreign products, and the customer test results were satisfactory, pending large-scale verification.

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