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Precision CNC Machining High Torque 8mm Timing Pulley

Material: Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, nylon/plastic 
Surface: Surface treatment includes natural color oxidation, blackening, zinc plating, color zinc plating, high-frequency quenching, etc. The accuracy level depends on customer requirements. 
Size: Standard parts can be processed and customized 
Tolerance: ± 0.02mm

Custom CNC Gear Parts Stainless Steel/Aluminum/Copper Industrial High Torque 8mm Timing Pulley

What is timing pulley?

A timing pulley is a mechanical device used in various applications to transmit rotational motion and control the timing of different components in a system. It consists of a grooved wheel with teeth that mesh with the teeth of a timing belt, creating a positive engagement.

The commonly used processing materials for synchronous pulley include steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, brass, and other materials, which have constant transmission ratio, stable transmission, cushioning and vibration reduction capabilities, and low noise; High transmission efficiency, up to 0.98, with obvious energy-saving effect.

Processing Process:

According to the drawings, first roughly process the appearance of the wheel belt, and then conduct research, cutting, and programming on the tooth groove effect based on the type of tooth groove required for tooth groove processing, so as to shape the tooth groove processing technology. For inner hole slots, use a slotting machine or wire cutting machine to complete the processing of the inner hole slots.


Widely used in automotive, textile, printing and packaging equipment, sewing equipment, office equipment, laser carving equipment, tobacco, financial machinery, stage lighting, communication and food machinery, medical machinery, steel machinery, petrochemical industry, instrumentation, various precision machine tools, and other fields.


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