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OEM CNC Machined Engineering Parts Atomizer Manufacturing CNC Machining

Material: 316L 
Surface treatment: surface oxidation 
Size: φ 26.50*39.11mmT 
Olerance: ± 0.01mm

3 Axis/4 Axis/Lathe CNC Machined Metal Parts/Services Corrosion-resistant Atomizer for Disinfection/Cooling/Humidification

An atomizer is a device used to disperse liquid into a fine mist or spray. The atomizer utilizes technology to break down liquid particles into tiny droplets, facilitating easy and efficient dispersion.

The working principle of an atomizer involves converting liquid into small droplets by using mechanical force, pressure, or ultrasonic vibration.

The atomizer and metal components are made of 316L corrosion-resistant material, while the sealing components are made of acid and alkali resistant FKM material, which meets medical and RoHS standards and is not easily blocked, with high reliability; The spray has wider fan shape and finer particle size.

Processing Process:

Use a lathe, three axis, and four axis to process external features and construct gas path collision holes, ensuring that the atomization effect of the water and gas paths is achieved after assembly, with low pressure and high atomization function, and ensuring precision.


Atomizers have a wide range of applications, including inlet cooling for gas turbines in power plants, paper and printing industries, video industries, space disinfection, and non condensing cooling and humidification in spaces.


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