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Medical Equipment Parts Processing Sliding Track Structural Components Metal and Non-metallic Precision Parts

Name:Aluminium Alloy Slide Structures
Material: AL5052

Size: 205 * 150 * 33.5mm

Keywords: mirror polishing, deep and narrow cavity

Fatigue Resistance Metal Sliding Track Structural Components Mirror Polished/Anodized CNC Machining Parts/Services for Medical Equipment/Motorcycle/Mechanical/Ship

The structural parts of the slideway have a left-right symmetrical structure. The 5052 aluminum alloy material is selected for CNC processing, so that the product has good forming and processing performance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, weldability and plasticity. The surface is mirror polished and anodized as a whole, so that the surface of the processed product is bright and beautiful, and the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and hardness are further improved.

Processing Process:Curved surface connection without tool marks, deep and narrow cavity after processing deformation control technology.

Application: Aluminum slideway structural parts have a wide range of uses, and can be used for auto parts, motorcycle parts, mechanical parts, ship parts, medical equipment, sports equipment, scientific equipment, etc.

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