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Manufacturer CNC Machining Angle Miter Gear Set High Quality Bevel Gear

Shape: BEVEL
Tooth Type: 3M 5M 8M
Size Customized: Accepted
Material: Metal, Brass, C45 Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Alloy, PE, PVC

Manufacturer CNC Machining Angle Miter Gear Set High Quality Bevel Gear

This Bevel Gear is a premium gear set designed for precise angular motion and power transmission. Produced using advanced CNC machining techniques, these bevel gears offer exceptional accuracy, strength, and durability. Ideal for applications requiring reliable and efficient torque transfer, this high-quality gear set ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance in demanding industrial and mechanical systems.


Teeth Configuration: Straight, spiral, or hypoid bevel teeth

Accuracy: High precision with tight tolerances

Torque Capacity: Capable of handling high torque loads

Surface Treatment: Options for heat treatment, coating, or plating for enhanced durability

Processing: Forging

Surface treatment: Natural anodizing treatment, Black anodized, Hard anodized, Nickel plated

Heat Treatment: Carburizing+ Quenching

Technology available: injection mold, extruding mold, CNC machining

Application Fields:

This Bevel Gear is widely used in various application fields, including automotive drivetrains, industrial machinery, robotics, aerospace, and heavy equipment. Its high precision and durability make it ideal for use in gearboxes, differential systems, conveyor systems, and other mechanical assemblies requiring efficient and reliable angular power transmission.


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