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Based on changes in market demand, consumers' personalized needs vary greatly and demand is small. Therefore, CNC machining is increasingly yearning for customized processing changes. To adapt to this change in small batches, multiple styles, multiple specifications, and multiple varieties, CNC customized processing uses multiple programming software, such as UG, Mastercam, and combined with high-precision large, medium, and small machine tool equipment operations to efficiently produce multiple varieties, small batches of products, Using the optimal cutting quantity to reduce a large amount of cutting time and reduce costs can quickly adapt to market changes, provide consumers with products and services that are suitable for their needs and also satisfy consumers according to their own requirements.

Three Elements of CNC Customization Processing

1. CNC customized processing materials

What materials can be used for CNC customized processing?

With the progress and development of technology, CNC customized processing has become increasingly important. CNC customized processing has many materials to choose from. The influencing factors include: machinability, strength, weight, outer center, corrosion resistance, etc.

CNC machining materials are widely used. Aluminum is the most widely used material, with a moderate price, ease of processing, excellent strength to weight ratio, and a wide variety. 6061 aluminum alloy is a high-quality aluminum alloy product produced through a heat treatment and pre stretching process. It has excellent processing performance, excellent welding characteristics and electroplating properties, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, and no deformation after processing, dense and defect free materials, easy polishing, easy coloring film, and excellent oxidation effect. SUS304 stainless steel is characterized by high toughness, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature strength, mechanical properties, and good thermal workability such as stamping and bending. Materials that can be used for CNC customized processing also include brass, red copper, zinc, engineering plastics, and so on.

Appropriate materials should be selected based on the processing and industrial application of the product. For example, titanium alloys are suitable for customized processing of parts with high mechanical performance requirements; Aluminum alloy 6061 or Derlin is more suitable for customized processing of speed wire parts.

2. CNC customized machining tools

CNC customized processing products vary in type, shape, and material, so it is necessary to select the tools and tool handles suitable for processing.

The selection of machining tools is based on the principles of convenient installation and adjustment, good rigidity, durability, and high accuracy. End mills are often used to process the peripheral contours of planar parts. When milling flat surfaces, a carbide blade milling cutter should be selected. When machining bosses and grooves, select high-speed steel end mills.

3. CNC customized processing method

The customized processing methods for different types of CNC machining centers are also slightly different. Some machining centers with larger strokes are suitable for processing molds, some are suitable for processing metal workpieces with larger specifications, and some CNC machining centers are suitable for processing small hardware parts.

CNC milling machine: It can mill flat surfaces and irregular surfaces. It is the most commonly used processing equipment in CNC machining. Moreover, they can drill holes, cut gears, and slot.

More importantly, CNC milling can perform three axis motions (X, Y, and Z), and higher level machines can also process more axis products.

The milling process is controlled by a computer program that contains numbers and letters. These languages can know that the part being processed travels between various processing stages.

Lathe: Just like CNC milling, the function of a lathe is essential in CNC machining. During machining, the material of the cylinder rotates against a part controlled by an individual. The functions of lathes are also very advanced now. As the cutting tool advances, it can rotate around the axis until it reaches the desired point.

In the CNC customized processing stage, some plastic products require mold opening to achieve cost reduction. From the perspective of initial samples, we will provide fast and efficient 3D printing services. The sample time only takes 5 to 7 days, and the price is very advantageous.

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