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Custom CNC Milling Metal V Belt Pulley

Materials: cast iron, steel, alloy steel, cast forged steel, aluminum, nylon, etc.
Surface: anodized, black electrophoretic
Dimensions: standard/customized processing

Custom CNC Milling Metal V Belt Pulley

This product has undergone balance testing and surface rust prevention treatment, greatly improving the smooth operation and service life of transmission components. It is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, less prone to rust, and easy to install and disassemble.


Material: 45 #, Q235B, Q235A, Q345A, Q345B, alloy steel, carbon steel, etc. (according to customer requirements)

Machining: lathe, milling, grinding, drilling

Heat treatment: normalization, annealing, aging, hardening, and tempering

Maximum diameter: 5000 millimeters

Maximum length: 8000 millimeters

Maximum tolerance: ± 0.2

Maximum weight: 10T

Inspect: raw material inspection, size inspection, appearance inspection, and finished product inspection.


Belt pulleys are mainly used for long-distance transmission of power, such as the output of small diesel power; agricultural vehicles, tractors, automobiles, mining machinery, mechanical processing equipment, textile machinery, packaging machinery, lathes, forging machines, some small horsepower motorcycle's power transmission; agricultural machinery power transmission; air compressors, reducers, reducers, generators, flower rolling machines, and so on.


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