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CNC Metal Parts Multi Hole Valve Body Precision CNC Machining

Process: CNC processing, precision positioning and clamping 
Material: AL7075 aluminum alloy 
Surface: Natural color anodizing 
Size: 120 * 120 * 75mm 
Tolerance: ± 0.01mm

Corrosion Resistance Aluminum Alloy Anodizing Multi Hole Valve Body Precision 3 Axis CNC Metal Machining Parts/Services for Mechanical Equipment

A multi-hole valve body is a specialized component used in fluid control systems to regulate the flow and direction of fluids. It is designed with multiple holes or passages that allow the fluid to enter, exit, or be redirected according to the specific requirements of the system.

The materials used in manufacturing multi-hole valve bodies can vary depending on the application and the type of fluid being controlled. Common materials include stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and various alloys, chosen for their durability, corrosion resistance, and compatibility with the fluids being handled.

The porous valve body product has a symmetrical structure, and AL 7075 aluminum alloy is selected for CNC processing. The product has good mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and excellent wear resistance. The overall surface of the porous valve body is subject to natural color anodizing treatment.


To ensure the precision of dimensional and positional tolerances, a combination of stepwise rough and finish machining techniques, along with the utilization of 3-axis machining processes, is employed.


Due to its unique structure and performance, porous valve bodies are widely used in mechanical equipment, mold parts, fixture parts, and other fields.


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